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The Kitchen Recipe by B.Fair

The perfect kitchen has five key ingredients, which include counter top space, storage, appliances, flooring & windows/lighting . Yes, I said it; windows.

I will break down each key ingredient and explain its importance in the kitchen.

Counter Top Space

Nothing beats having a ton of counter space. How is a kitchen even functional without an ample amount of room to prepare dishes? The more space the better. Imagine having a dinner party with no where to display your delicious spread. A huge island is an entertainers dream, but its also a requirement for us DIY chefs.


And where would you store all of your Dishware & Small appliances? If you are anything like me you hate to have stuff all over your counter tops. I literally store everything away except for my shiny appliances and floral arrangements. On occasion I will design with a brand new mixer, but after a few uses, it gets stored away with the waffle iron and toaster. I like for my kitchen to look like an unused chef's kitchen at all times. You do this by keeping your cabinets organized and your counter tops free of clutter.


Stainless Steel and Glass-tops are a must for me. If not, you must go "Panel Ready". The Stainless just creates a luxury feel to any kitchen. However, quality must come into play when choosing the right appliances. You want a range and refrigerator thats going to withstand your habits and use. I love side by side refrigerator style and double ovens. A built in Microwave wouldn't hurt either. Its simply about creating a seamless and clean look while keeping function and efficiency in the conversation.


Whether its Ceramic tile, hardwood, marble or laminate, it has to be able to withstand spills and a breakout in salsa dance between cooking and washing dishes. Beautiful floors in a kitchen not only makes the kitchen look put together, its required for all the traffic it will need to endure. Your kitchen floors takes the biggest beating as far as foot traffic and spills. It needs to be well taken care of and maintained to keep your kitchen looking top notch.

Windows & Lighting

One Word! Lighting. Your kitchen windows create lighting for your entire home during the day. Don't believe me? On a really sunny day open every window covering in your kitchen and see how bright your home gets. Having a ton of windows in you kitchen can really create some good vibes during the day. I believe that the amount of windows in a home will tell me how happy the occupants are. Im almost positive its science or something. Aside from windows; any type of lighting in the kitchen is required, you need it to see how much salt you are shaking over that Lobster bisque. I prefer Daylight temp lighting over all others, However depending on the design style the lighting temp will change to create different moods and atmospheres.

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