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5 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

1 Organization

Keeping an organized home is essential for keeping a clean home. The key to great organization is planning and maintaining systems. Making sure all the clutter is gone and everything has a home. Whether it's a basket or storage cabinet/drawer.

2 Cleaning Schedule

As shown above, a cleaning schedule will keep you on track with chores. Not only is it a visual reminder of what needs to be done, it creates a to-do list and keeps you from rage cleaning once things are out of hand. Only clean what is on the schedule for that day and be consistent!

3 Put Things Away After Use

This one is self explanatory. Get into the habit of putting things back into their respective places. This is why organization is important. When you have a home to put things in it can make it easier to maintain order. Remember, "small piles turn into big ones after while".

4 Declutter

The one thing that makes any space feel dirty is having too much stuff. It's time to Declutter. This can be done as frequent as everyday. For instance, when you purchase something new make sure you donate a similar item that isn't used. Cleaning your refrigerator and closets in this same manner will help keep your home fresh. Another tip is to utilize hidden storage such as cabinets and drawers, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will keep your home in tidy condition at all times.

5 Style your home

Believe it or not but when you enjoy the way your home looks, you are more likely to keep it clean and tidy. Not saying your home has to be magazine worthy, but bring in some design elements that will make you more willing to keep it up. Be proud of your space and create a home that is functional and easy to keep up.

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B. Fair


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