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5 Candle Care Pro Tips to Make Your Candle Burning Experience a Superior One.

If you're anything like me, it's that time of year where you pull all of your air wicks out the sockets and you begin to light all of your seasonal fragranced candles around your home. Candles can really create a mood around this time. I'm not sure if it's the warmth it brings or the little flicker from the flame that just makes the cooler days of winter seem a little less cold.

I want to share with you 5 tips to make this experience even more amazing!

#1 - Trim Your Wicks After Each Use

You should definitely trim your wicks after each use. This will not only prolong the life of the candle, but it will help to create an even melt pool, which will in turn allow your candles warm throw to be more prevalent. We will discuss the importance of the melt pool in this next tip.

#2 - Allow Your Candle to create a Full Melt Pool.

This tip is extremely important in regards to the care of your candle. You want to allow your melt pool (melted wax) to reach the edges of your jar before extinguishing your flame. Doing this will assure you do not experience tunneling. Have you ever had wax remain on the sides of the jar while the middle was melted down. This is Probably due to blowing out your flame before you've reached a full melt pool. To fix this you can take a blow dryer on high heat and low fan to heat and melt the wax around the jar. Be careful not to sink your wick.

#3 - Using a Candle Extinguisher Tool

There are two types of candle extinguishers that can be used outside of simply blowing out your candle.

The first is called a "Snuffer". It's a long metal (usually stainless steel) bar with a small cup like tool on the end that covers the flame to remove oxygen from being introduced to the flame which in turns extinguishes the candle. This is useful in caring for your candle as it will help prevent wick debris from falling into your melted wax. Which can be unsightly to say the least.

The second tool is called a Wick Dipper. This tool provides a smoke-free and clean way of extinguishing your candle. You simply use this tool to take the exposed wick and dip it into the melted wax. It uses the same science as the snuffer just without the smoke. This tool can also be used to remove debris from the melted wax if they happen to fall in.

#4 - Turn up the Heat

For a better warm throw you want to set your rooms temperature to approximately 70-75 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is a simple way to get your candle to spread throughout your home. If you like your home on the colder side. I would suggest using multiple larger multi-wicked candles in each space.

#5 - Keep Your Candle Lids On When Storing

When your candle is not in use, you want to make sure you have the lid on. This will prolong your candles life span. It will help to keep the fragrance from seeping off of the top layer. Keeping the Lid on while not burning will also keep unwanted debris from falling into your candle. Your candle has a long life span of up to 2 years depending on the size and how you care for it. Use these tips to keep your candles in great shape so you can keep your home smelling amazing.

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