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7 Tips to a Cozy Bedroom

When designing your bedroom here are a list of design tips you must use to make your space cozy & Inviting .

Tip 1: Purchase a Bed & Furniture with a legs so it doesn't sit flat on the floor, this creates an open feel to your room.

Tip 2: Your bed will be the focal point. Invest in good bedding & throw pillows. Depending on your design style the type of materials you use will differ. However, quality is key.

Tip 3: Paint Light & Airy Neutral Warm Colors - This will create a cozy inviting feeling. Here are three beautiful SW colors to check out. (Marshmallow SW7001, Pure White SW7005, Aloof Gray SW6197.)

Tip 4: Design in 3's. This design technique is a beautiful one. When designing a table or even your bed, you should always use 3 items or an odd number of items. See image below. The rule of three makes sure your eyes focus on all items rather when there is an even number

Tip 5: Purchase a nice ceiling light and task lighting for nightstands. Preferably dimmers.This way you can achieve different vibes at any moment.

Tip 6: Keep Artwork Simple and Clean. You dont want busy artwork in your relaxing space. Keep it minimal. Less is more, none is best.

Tip 7: Greenery is a must. Having some sort of greenery in your bedroom can definitely bring life to your room. Literally. I love to incorporate Fiddle leafs & Snake Plants. Cactus are popular now as well.

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