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3 Space Planning Tips: Design Like A Pro

1 - Draw your room out on graph paper first. Draw each furniture piece to scale and cut out. There is no commitment involved and you can play with all types of variations and layouts.

Graph Paper Cut Outs

2 - Use Blue Painters Tape.

This is my go to and my favorite! Measure your desired furniture and use the dimensions of the furniture and layout the tape on your floor or wall with the painters tape. See Image below for reference. This method does involve a little labor, but is so effective when planning a room.

Blue Tape Layout

3 - Use a virtual design tool. This takes a little more experience with drafting and design software, but is the absolute most effective. It can give you the most realistic view of the room.You can see your pieces in your space without the purchase just yet. There are free design tools like that you can use. It does take some effort to learn but it's worth it.

Virtual Planner

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